Dusk cover

On 12th May, Scala & Kolacny Brothers are going to release their brand new album DUSK.

DUSK features 20 new songs in the typical Scala style. DUSK is born from the close cooperation between the Scala team and the Warner/Rhino divisions in Los Angeles and New York.

Scala’s music - so loved by Hollywood - has now reached an absolute highlight. The album also is the very first one to include three songs in Spanish.

DUSK and GLOAMING have become a kind of twins as both albums were recorded in a period where performing live was not allowed.

On 4th June in Antwerp Scala will kick off its great European tour the focus of which will be on the music of GLOAMING and DUSK


DUSK Track Listing


  1. You Give Love A Bad Name
  2. In The End
  3. My Hero
  4. Toxic
  5. Hurt
  6. Here Comes The Sun
  7. I Can’t Make You Love Me
  8. I’ve Gotta Be Me
  9. The One That You Love
  10. Hard To Say I’m Sorry
  11. The Circle Game
  12. A Groovy Kind Of Love
  13. Wicked Game
  14. Here, There And Everywhere
  15. Please Don’t Go
  16. What Do You Want From Me
  17. California Mía (“California Dreamin’”)
  18. Raro (“Creep”)
  19. Siempre Te Amaré (“Every Breath You Take”)
  20. No Importa Nada Más (“Nothing Else Matters”)

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

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