So, this is the end. Never a month passed so quickly! After an intense and long preparation we undertook the greatest Germany tour in the 23-year career of Scala. More than 22 unforgettable concerts!
We were really lucky with the venue personnel and the local crews. Our gratitude also goes to our drivers, Miguel, Rik, Harry and Danny for driving thousands of km throughout Germany.
Our sincere thanks to all the people (that's a lot of them) who contributed backstage to this fantastic production. Thanks to the one and only 'Noensie', our drummer, to Jef our extra pianist, to the producer translator advisor and Scala friend Martin and to our own fantastic crew members Michel, Vik, Lars and Kristof.
And last but not least our warmest thanks go to the thousands of enthusiastic German fans without whom all this could not be possible. We will be back in 2020 for even more Mädchennamen concerts. The countdown can be started again!

Steven & Stijn & all Scalasingers

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

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